3D Print Orders

The Grapevine Public Library offers 3D printing to the general public! Whether you've designed your own piece or are looking to print out something from Thingiverse, you can get great and affordable prints!

To order a print, you can visit us in the Create It space during building hours, or send your file to our email. All prints are 10 cents per gram. If you are emailing your order, please include the following information:

  • Your name and phone number
  • The file you want to print (as an .stl format). If you find something on Thingiverse, you can simply include the hyperlink to the object.
  • The desired size of your object. We can also have a maximum cost and print the biggest that cost can allow you.
  • The color of your print (see picture below).

Please send all orders and inquiries to createit@grapevinetexas.gov. Keep in mind that print orders can take about a week to complete.

Colors include: Dark blue, orange, black, brown, purple, red, white, glow in the dark, green, hot pink, silver, teal, and yellow.