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  1. Fire Code Permit Application

    Application required by Fire Code for a variety of events, activities, and uses.

  2. How to File a Fire Department Commendation or Complaint

    Form to praise service that you received by the Grapevine Fire Department or to identify areas of service improvement or other concerns... More…

  3. Request a Fire Prevention Presentation

    Form used to request fire prevention presentations and programs.

  4. Vehicle Display Application and Permit

    Permit application for on-site vehicle display in public buildings.

  1. Fire Prevention Business Emergency Contact Form

    Form to request emergency contact information from businesses.

  2. Request a Disaster Preparedness Presentation

    Use this form to request a disaster preparedness presentation at your business, school, or organization.

  3. Request Emergency Management Publications

    Form to request printed media - guidebooks or DVD about emergency preparedness.