Candidate Disqualifications

1. Unable to meet licensing/certification requirements. Until Corrected
2. Unable to effectively read, write, or communicate in English Until Corrected
3. Unable to meet minimum qualifications as directed in posting Until Corrected
4. Unable to physically/mentally perform necessary functions of position, unless a reasonable accommodation can be made Temporary or Permanent
5. Failure to pay contractual debts (Factors considered are past due credit or collections may not exceed $1,000 and must be paid in full within 30 days of hire.) Resolution may requalify
6. Conviction, pleading to or admitting to Class A or B misdemeanor (includes usage or possession of marijuana) Three years from date of occurrence
7. Unsatisfactory score on the written exercise, physical agility or oral interview Until next testing period
8. Unsafe driving record as defined by City Policy:
​    a) More than three vehicle accidents on DPS record in the past three years
​    b) More than three vehicle traffic convictions (separate incidents) in the past three years.
​    c) Driving with License Suspended (D.W.L.S.) in the past five years.
Until within policy guidelines
9. Unstable work history including short terms of employment over the candidates employment history Two Years
10. Conviction of a DWI or DUI Five Years
11. Applicant’s history indicates bad character; questionable integrity or moral character; or poor decision making skills Temporary or Permanent
12. Applicant has failed to complete or satisfactorily meet the employment process requirements of the Grapevine Fire Department, including missed appointments, failure to return necessary paperwork, failure to notify the department of changes in address or telephone numbers, failure to appear for the interview or give notice of withdrawal. Temporary, one year from testing date
1. Unable to physically/mentally perform the necessary function of position for which a reasonable accommodation is not available
2. Conviction, pleading to, or admitting to conduct which would constitute a felony (this includes usage or possession of narcotics such as cocaine or speed
3. False statements, intentionally withholding information , practiced or attempting to practice any deception or fraud in the application, examination, or appointment process
4. Conviction of any one of the following driving offences:
​     a) Criminally Negligent Homicide
​     b) Aggravated assault (involving a motor vehicle)
​    c) Intoxication Manslaughter
​    d) Failure to give information and render aid
​    e) Using a motor vehicle for commission of a felony
5. Tattoos/Piercings
​    a) No Tattoos are permitted on head, neck or hands of any personnel.
​         i. A ring tattoo designating marriage is acceptable due to safety issues with de-gloving.
​    b) Visible tattoos require the approval of the Fire Chief.
​    c) Ear, nose rings or other body piercing will not be worn while on duty.