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Animal Services Officer

Animal Services Officers will fulfil a full-time position and may rotate/or be assigned to in shelter or field services positions serving the animals and people of Grapevine.  ASOs operate in a team or independently to protect and serve the public through ordinance/state law enforcement, caring and protecting for domestic and wild animals, and providing customer service and care to clients.

Essential Functions


  1. Serves the needs of customers through phone calls, electronic communication, and in person.
  2. Operates and enters information into shelter database to collect animal and person data correctly.
  3. Performs paperwork to complete intake (surrenders, stray, etc.) and outcome (adoption, redemption, etc.).
  4. Provides counseling for adoptions and owner retention of animals.
  5. Receives money for fees, adoptions, donations, etc. and provide receipt.
  6. Maintains records and files on animal bites, citizen complaints, adoptions and other paperwork as required. Prepare written reports and computer reports on complaints, investigations, and administrative matters.
  7. Attends offsite events, not limited to adoption events, festivals, and educational offerings.
  8. Provides tours and educational opportunities at the Shelter and Adoption Center.
  9. Patrols streets and responds to capture wild and/or domestic animals and transport captured animals to the appropriate location.
  10. Operates City vehicle safely and act according to City and State laws while carrying out duties.
  11. Responds to complaints regarding stray or lost animals (domestic/pet, wild, or farm livestock), assist citizens with nuisance wildlife (including traps) and venomous or dangerous animals such as snakes.
  12. Removes deceased animals from varied locations (thoroughfares, fields, yards, etc.).
  13. Investigates complaints regarding vicious or dangerous animals and animal bites; impounds or quarantines offending animal and advise animal owner of applicable laws.
  14. Prepares and ships rabies specimens to Texas Department of State Health Services.
  15. Operates and communicates via two-way radio and in-car computer.
  16. Maintains equipment and vehicle.
  17. Provides education to owners and public on applicable animal laws and animal welfare.
  18. Enforces City animal control ordinances and state laws through the issuance of warnings and/or citations; appears in municipal court to testify regarding violations and/or investigations.
  19. Investigates questionable animal deaths or cruelty to animal complaints.
  20. Maintains and clean kennels, cages, outdoor run areas, and other rooms in use for animal care at the Shelter and Adoption Center.
  21. Provides necessary food, water, and shelter to impounded animals.
  22. Monitors and reports signs of illness or injury in animals to supervisor.
  23. Performs euthanasia as required.
  24. Reconciles animals and update paperwork in shelter database to reflect changes.
  25. Performs other related duties as directed when such duties are a logical and appropriate assignment to the position.
  26. Interacts professionally and respectfully with the public, coworkers and others in the course of daily work.
  27. Regular and timely attendance are required for this position.

Due to the nature of animal welfare, this position may be required to cover weekend or holiday shifts as well as rotate on-call status.

Must obtain Texas Department of State Health Services Basic Animal Control certificate of completion within one year of employment. 
A euthanasia certificate of completion must be obtained within 4 months of employment.

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