Grapevine Public Library Esports Academy

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Esports Academy FAQ

When will this begin?

We will announce an opening event in spring of 2021. Much depends on when we obtain the equipment and are able to install the infrastructure. The grant application process started before the pandemic hit so timelines have been adjusted as have some of our plans.

Where will it be located?

We are refreshing part of our existing Create It! lab space though many of the components will be used in different areas of the library so we can remain nimble and respond to social distancing directives as they evolve. 


How old does one have to be to participate in the esports?

Most programs will be for ages tween to adult, but some activities will be for elementary aged students. We’re excited by all the possibilities.

Will there be a charge to participate? 

No. The desire of having an esports academy at the grapevine public library came out of wanting to make sure that those that cannot afford the expensive equipment and high-speed internet can still get involved in esports. We’re also hopeful that it helps individuals with earning academic scholarships and also with getting hired for jobs.

Will you have local competition, such as teams, individuals? A team that competes against other cities? 

We plan to have local competitions for both individuals and teams and are currently surveying our community for their input as well.

What about funding for future years? 

We will continue to pursue grants to fund this project. Since esports is a swiftly changing industry and one with some roots in grapevine, we also hope we attract support from local organizations and companies who also see the value in this academic and business development endeavor as it is a long-term investment in our community.

How can I help?

We are currently collecting community input through a short survey.  If you are interested in supporting the esports academy through mentoring, coaching, team building, or sponsorship, there is a section for that in the survey as well.  Please follow the link and let us hear from you.

Esports Survey

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