Public Records

Public Records Database

To view public documents, select the links below to search the City’s online records database.  

Commonly Requested Documents

Government Code, Chapter 305: Contracts for services with entities registered as a lobbyist documents

Fire Weekly Report

Building Services

Reports of permits and Certificates of Occupation issued by Development Services are updated regularly and can be viewed in the Report Center.  

Planning Services

Code Enforcement reports can be viewed in the Report Center.   

Search plans, permits, and other related development documents, by address.

     GIS Data Download

  • Go to City of Grapevine GeoHub
  • Click on one of the categories under Explore Data Download Categories
  • Click on name of desired data
  • To download click on cloud with down arrow icon, and select download option
  • Downloadable data includes but not limited to City Limits, Future Land Use, Historic Township Boundary, Parks, Streets, Trails, Transit District, and Zoning

If you are unable to locate a record, you may submit a Public Information Act request by following the instructions in the Public Information Act request section.  

For more information, contact the City Secretary’s Office at 817.410.3182.