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1. Does the Parks and Recreation Department have handicap accessible playgrounds throughout the City of Grapevine?
2. Why are some of the park drinking fountains turned off during the winter months even though winter weather may be warm?
3. Will the Park Maintenance Division chemically treat to control Poison Ivy/Poison Oak on city properties?
4. Does the Parks and Recreation Department cut and remove hazardous or dead trees in lake parks, green belts or other undeveloped City-owned property?
5. Who picks up dog waste in parks?
6. Does Grapevine have a dog park?
7. Is the use of a metal detector in Grapevine city parks allowed?
8. Is there a fee to enter Meadowmere Park? If I have a boat ramp pass, do I have to pay the entrance fee?
9. How many Hike and Bike Trails does the Parks and Recreation Department have?
10. What is the Parks and Recreation Department’s policy regarding various sports teams practicing on neighborhood parks?
11. Are neighborhood park tennis courts available to be reserved for exclusive use?
12. Is the sand volleyball court at Dove Park available for reservations?
13. Are alcoholic beverages permitted in City Parks?
14. May motorized vehicles such as dirt bikes and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) be ridden on city or park property?
15. May I reserve Parr Park or Bear Creek Park for my teams youth sport practices?
16. Does The REC rent out its classrooms and/or the entire facility?
17. Are the employees of a Grapevine business eligible for membership at The REC?
18. My children attend GCISD schools and I pay GCISD school taxes, may I sign up for a membership at The REC.
19. May non-residents participate in classes and activities offered at The REC and through the City of Grapevine?
20. Is it mandatory that children age 9 and under entering The REC be accompanied by an adult at all times?
21. I live in Grapevine and would like to add my family members in a neighboring city to my REC membership, is that okay?
22. At what age can my child use the fitness floor at The REC?
23. What is the lake level?
24. Which boat ramps are open?
25. What is the water temperature of the lake?
26. I got a ticket at the boat ramp and it is past my court date. May I still get the ticket dismissed by purchasing an Annual Boat Ramp Pass?
27. I paid the boat ramp fee, but still received a ticket at the lake. How do I get the ticket dismissed and prove that I paid?
28. I do not live in Grapevine, but I own property in Grapevine, am I eligible for the Grapevine resident discount when purchasing an Annual Boat Ramp Pass?
29. I found a dead bird at my house. Can someone come pick it up and test it for West Nile Virus?
30. I want to host a Walk/Run to benefit an ailing relative/friend, what do I have to do?
31. I want to have a Fishing Tournament on Lake Grapevine. Do I have to get a permit for this?
32. I want to adopt a Street/Park/Trail in Grapevine. How do I do that?
33. Does the Parks and Recreation Department allow residents to gather fallen wood to use as firewood?
34. Is there free mulch available to residents of Grapevine?
35. Does the Parks and Recreation Department have any trees available for the residents of Grapevine to purchase for planting in residential lawns?
36. I don’t live in Grapevine, may I join your Active Adults 55 & Better at The REC?
37. What are the operating hours of The REC Active Adult 55 & Better?
38. Is lunch offered at The REC Active Adult 55 & Better?
39. What is The Grape Affair and how do I get a subscription?
40. Is there a membership fee to join The REC Active Adult 55 & Better?
41. My mother just moved to Grapevine - how do I get her involved at The REC Active Adult 55 & Better?
42. I just recently retired, but I don’t want to sit around playing cards. Does The REC Active Adult 55 & Better offer anything for the more active, younger seniors?
43. How do I get to The REC to participate in the Active Adult 55 & Better programs?
44. Do you offer rides to doctor appointments?
45. What are some of the events that The REC Active Adult 55 & Better offers?
46. How many family members can be on the same annual family membership at The REC?
47. How do I rent a pavilion at one of Grapevine's public parks or lake parks?
48. When are Dove Park, Parr Park, and The REC spraygrounds open?
49. Are dogs allowed in Grapevine's parks?
50. Are alcoholic beverages permitted in Lake Parks?
51. What age children at allowed in child-watch at The REC, and how long can they stay in there?