Posted on: March 6, 2017

City of Grapevine Fleet WINS Bronze Award


The City of Grapevine’s fleet team was awarded with the 2016 Bronze Award -presented by DFW Clean Cities (DFWCC), a program of the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the Regional Transportation Council.  Cities were selected from 10 participating counties in North Texas and only nine cities received the bronze awards. A list of area cities and their awards may be foundat DFWCleanCities.org (bit.ly/2lOhpL2). 

The City of Grapevine has over 120 ethanol(E-85) vehicles in its fleet, as well as six hybrid vehicles, eighteen clean diesels and four propane equipment, with additional clean vehicles being added as older vehicles require replacement.  Grapevine also has an anti-Idling policyin place and uses a new fueling management system recently purchased to monitor the idling on our fleet vehicles, heavy-duty trucks and equipment.  Fleet Services will be providing training and educating to other departments throughout the year promoting clean practices and reducing petroleum consumptions and improving our air quality through our clean fleet policies. Our fleet team isusing composite utility service bodies that reduce vehicle weight and less fuel consumption as well as Enpac units on service trucks, eliminating power take-offs which means that trucks do not need to run to provide hydraulics, air and/or electricity to power tools and equipment needed to perform a task. 

Enpac units reduces fuel use at a significant cost savings while delivering performance and maximum productivity at 30% less fuel use. The use of E-85 fuelis one of the many reasons our Fleet team achieved a clean fleet status. 

- Over 123,200 gallons of E-85 fuel was used in 2016, reducing unleaded fuel use by 45%.

- E-85 is recognized as an alternative fuel that contributes to fewer greenhouse gases.

- Over 70% of city fleet vehicles are E-85 fuel designated vehicles

- 90% of the Grapevine Police Department fleet runs on E-85.

Thank you to our Grapevine Police Department, Grapevine Fire Department, Grapevine Parks & Recreation, our Public Works team and all other City departments who consistently work to ensure we remain a DFW Clean City! 

Pictured (left to right): Pamela Burns, DFWCC CommunicationsCoordinator, Patrick Hughes, Fleet Manager, City of Grapevine & Kenney Bergstrom, DFWCC Communications Specialist