1. Dog With ID

    $15 Microchip Clinic 5/20

    Come see us at Petco Grapevine from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and get your dog or cat chipped for only $15. This is a great price for an invaluable service to ensure your beloved pet makes it home to you! Read on...
  2. Mixing bowl with ingredients
  3. Kitten Vaccine

    Low Cost Vaccine Clinic 5/6

    Stop in for essential wellness vaccines for your favorite Fluffy or Fido. This is a great opportunity to ensure your pet's best health and safety by ensuring vaccines such as rabies are current at a more than affordable price! Read on...
  4. Duck Swimming

    Ducks...In My Pool?!

    'Tis the season for mating pairs of ducks to start looking around for a safe spot to build a nest. Your pool looks like prime real estate when it comes to their needs. Before the new mommy and daddy move in and ruffle a few feathers, here are some tips. Read on...
  5. black cat for news flash.jpg

    Prevent a Litter

    Did you know that in a single female cat's lifetime she can produce as many as 100 kittens? Learn about the benefits of sterilization--not only does it help reduce numbers in shelters, but there are many positive health impacts for the animal. Read on...
  6. Black lab-news flash.jpg

    Make An Animal's Day

    Have you wondered what you can do to help the homeless animals in our care? We have a wish list of items that helps give the animals that extra something special while they wait for a forever home. Read on...
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